Lawal Daura Was Initially Sacked For Stealing Diesel in Kaduna, He sold Vehicles Bought By Tinubu and Fashola In Lagos- Source Reveals

More revelations ar coming out about Lawal Daura. While some people knew few things about him and his past atrocities, only few knew the extent of the havoc he once recked in this nation.

It is now apparent that more due diligence is needed before appointing men into sensitive positions in Nigeria. More revelations has been made by his close ally in DSS, Abdulrahman, thus:

“When I had too much I decided to leave and I swore to the directors who wanted me to stay because of their personal interest that Daura will leave office in handcuffs because of what I saw.
“I was preaching to him that he needs to help Mr President because you know you don’t deserve this office and he appointed you, because of that he stopped my pension for two years until I threaten to go to court,” he said.
On Mr Daura’s career history, Mr Abdulrahman said the former DG was sacked from the SSS originally before his reappointment by Mr Buhari because he was caught siphoning diesel from the SSS Academy in Kaduna.

“Before then, he was almost sacked when he was State Director in Lagos. Tinubu, who was governor donated 20 vehicles to aid the work of the service in the state; Fashola, who is Minister now, was the Chief of Staff at the time, Lawal Daura took all the vehicles to Kano and sold them off,” he claimed.
He also said Mr Daura had to be secretly taken away in Edo state because of how he was misusing staff stipends.
“Just like today, how they had to use the back door to ferry him away, don’t you wonder why he was not taken back to the service facility? He wouldn’t have survived it. I have been receiving calls all day from some of our top directors and staff, everyone is in a joyous mood today.

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