Olasunkanmi Esho, Living In The US Killed his wife and daughter and Himself With Gun

The spate of homicide and genocide is now becoming alarmingin our society. In this age and time of information and ideas, there seems to be a negative flip side of the whole good dispensation. The society seems to be full of negative news more than the peaceful adn positive ones that can edify the mind of people.

A Chicago based Nigerian man Olasunkanmi Esho who was married to a Camerounian woman ( Metta), who was a practicing pharmacist there, had on Sunday reportedly Killed his wife and an eight year old daughter, before he finally killed himself by turning the gun on himself.

As at the time of reporting the case thorugh the facebook page of one Djeric, the cause of this barbaric act was not known but it was a pathetic case by all standards.

They are survived by their 13 year old son and a 4 year old daughter.

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