Abiola Was Offerred N6 Billion Over Twenty Years Ago To Abandon June 12 But He Rejected it- Tundun Abiola

Afolabi Olufemi Sunday.

Many of the deeper parts of the issue of June 12, as much as we may not believe, have not been revealed to many of us due to the paucity of genuine information at our disposal. Tundun Abiola spilled some beans on this and many issues during a television programme where she was a visitor.

While answering questions on ‘Rubbin Minds’ a television programme on Channels TV, ably anchored by Ebuka, Tundun Abiola, one of the youngest children of late Bashorun MKO Abiola, explained that there are about for parts to this June 12 Mandate.

She mentioned the IBB’s part which has to do with the main annulment of the election that was rated as fairest, freest and most credible election ever. That was the only election in Nigeria that did not allow both ethnicity and relgion to influence its outcome. Whether you were a Roman Catholic or an Anglican, a Baptist or a penticostal Christian, every one was ready to go for a Muslim-Muslim ticket of Abiola and Babangana Kingibe. This was not in any form or shape cause the muslim communities to have a superiority complex not for the christian brethren to feel disgruntled.

Apart from this great value of oneness, there was no issue of ethnicity too in 1993. Abiola and Kingibe were supported by all and sundry. Their success cut across all geo-political zones as well as religion sects. It was supposed to be the beginning of a new Nigeria where we would have been our brothers keepers.

She continued by saying the bad part was the incarceration part when General Sanni Abacha arrested Chief MKO Abiola and jailed him without trial and rule of law. The was a major master stroke that changed the course of life. It changed the whole narrative. Everything changed locally and internationally. This issue changed the economic fortune of the nation to nose-dive. The Civil Society, Organized Labour, NUPENG led By Mr Kokori, the Nigerian masses led by Chief Gani Fawehinmi, great Nigerians like Olisa Agbakoba, Femi Falana, the NADECO Group members, etc all stood to fight the military junta.

Ebuka went further to ask if anything was done on that to placate her father. Tundun explained that during that time, General Babangida came to apologize to her father and the family. She explained that Babngida was said to be afraid of being killed by some military caucus group who had vowed never to hand over to Abiola.

However, she emphasized that ego did not allow Babangida to apologize openly, even though, he did it within the family closet.

While thanking President Buhari, another retired General and the incumbent President of the nation, for having the testicular fortitude to hold the bull by the horn, in doing what others could not do since 1993, she went further to say, her father was offerred N6 Billion as a means of refunding all electioneering costs of 1993 just to abandon his mandate. That was a big sum of money then but her father stood his ground on the mandate of the people of Nigeria.

She concluded by saying the worst of the whole scenarios happened under General Abdusalam Abubakar when her father was finally ‘murdered’. When asked why using the word ‘murder’.

She explained further that the Secretary General of the United Nations then Koffi Anan, rushed down to Nigeria to meet her father in the prison to dessuade him from holding on to the mandate because there was a big plan to poison him. She said the then Secreatry to the Common Wealth Nations too, Chief Emeka Anyaoku was in the loop and they all talked to Chief MKO Abiola to know the plan of some perful elements with regards to his belief in the mandate of 1993 given to him by the people of Nigeria, but Chief MKO Abiola stood his ground.

She said this was why they all thought Chief Obasanjo who was the main beneficiary of his (Chief MKO Abiola) martyrdom should have honoured him and elevated his cause. However, Obasanjo did not do anything about June 12 neither did he recognize Chief Abiola by honouring him with any award or national monument, rather , he said Abiola was the Messiah that Nigeria needed.

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