Let Them Go To A Thousand Hell; Israel Lambasts EU Over Palestine Comments

An Israeli minister has struck back against European criticism surrounding attacks on protesters demonstrating against Israeli violence in Gaza.

Israel’s deadly response to recent Palestinian protests against the Israeli and U.S. governments has drawn local and international outrage.

Jafar Farah, the head of Haifa-based NGO Massawa, was injured as Israeli security forces responded last week to a protest against Israel’s killing of dozens of up to 111 Palestinians during two months of unrest at the border with Gaza.

The European Union has condemned Israel’s use of deadly force in Gaza. In a statement Tuesday, the EU called for “a swift investigation into circumstances surrounding” Farah’s injury and detainment in Haifa. Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz castigated the EU’s response.

“Let them go to a thousand thousand hells,” Steinitz told a local radio station, calling the EU hypocritical, according to Israeli newspaper Haaretz. “The EU is now sucking up to Iran and will help [Tehran] against U.S. sanctions.”

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