2019: Femi Otedola To ‘Become’ Lagos Governor

In a surprising manner, the popular Lagos Billionaire known for his interest in oil business only before has changed the gear and now he wants to play partisan politics and take a shot at what his father had done earlier.

Mr Femi Otedola who happens to be the son of a former governor of Lagos state might not be far from getting to the seat that his father vacated few years back considering his influence among many people in the state.

We have seen a couple of gimmicks, political stunts, etc being played by Mr Femi Otedola. A good example is his recent gimmick of entering public ( commuter) bus from Ota to Agege and other cases to numerous to mention.

The question in the mouth of many people now is, on what platform will Mr Femi Otedola contest?

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