Actress Seyi Edun Says She Did Not Snatch Toyin Abraham’s Ex Husband

Actress Seyi Edun recently Married her Colleague Niyi Johnson,ex husband of actress Toyin Abraham.There are insinuations that Seyi was the reason Toyin’s Marriage broke but the actress denies it and says she only became friends with Niyi when his Marriage had already crashed….

SDK Blog had a little interview with Seyi to clear the air on this….

-Congratulations on your marriage to your colleague and friend Niyi Johnson….but why were you denying it?

Thank you for congratulating me. Well, I never denied it. We were friends at that particular moment. As events unfolded, our friendship grew to a greater point. But now, I can categorically say that we are cool and happy together as a couple.

–There are whispers that you are the reason his marriage to actress Toyin Abraham crashed,is it true?

Apparently, that is untrue. People say different things from afar, but the truth is sacred.
I can count how many times I set my eyes on them together as couple or so. When I met Adeniyi, they were already separated. what is happening between ADENIYI and I is what I call destiny, whatever story that has been sold about me in that aspect I know pretty soon God will vindicate me and expose all truth.

As much as I love my man, I won’t like us to discuss further on what transpired between him and his past marriage/relationships

-Are you actively into movie making?havent heard any movies you made recently.

I am actively into movie making. My movies are online and doing great. My most recent movie IRUKANNA is out and doing fine.

– Did you stop producing your own movies?

No, I have not. I am currently working on three movie projects now .

The movie industry is silent and seems like movies and actors outside of Lagos have taken over…why do you think this has happened and do you think Alist actors and actresses have been dumped for cheaper acts and waka pass?

Hmmmn…well, it’s not as you think. Our filmmakers are not relenting. They work day and night, so as to sustain quality. On the question of A-list actors being dumped or so, each production has its budget.

-what are your plans for the movie industry?planning to collab forces with your hubby Niyi Johnson?

My plans for the movie industry is to keep contributing my quota to the development of arts in Africa…

-Thanks for your time Seyi.
Thank you too Stella.

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