2019: We Are Ready To Take Over from APC- PDP

Promises to oust APC

Following the success recorded in the local government polls in which the whole 16 local governments were swept by the ruling party in Ekiti State, where Peter Fayose is the incumbent, the national spokesman of the one time biggest party in Africa, has come out to say that PDP is ready to take over in 2019 from the APC at the center.

He went further to say that people have seen through the eyes of deception of the ruling party.

In his official statement, a copy of which our correspondent got, he analyses how PDP plans to achieve this.

He also believes that PDP will capture the South West again as it did in 2003 when 5 out of 6 States in the South West were captured by PDP from the grip of the defunct Alliance for Democracy (AD). Only Lagos State under the leadership of Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu survived the ‘Hurricane’ that swept off other governors.

He went further to say that Northern part of Nigeria that was formerly the stronghold of PDP will soon return as there is a big plan on ground to achieve this.

Below is the message on the tweeter handle of the party:

‘The sweeping victory of our Party at the Ekiti state LGA election is clear & firm evidence of our popularity not only in Ekiti but also in the SW & the nation at large. It also show that Nigerians have seen through the deception of @APCNigeria and are ready to kick the Party out.’

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