Yes, it’s been about 25 years, and seeing who Kunle has become re-ignited memories, and re-awakened the butterflies that used to fly in my stomach then.

Need I say, I could not resist the warm hug and the light peck on my cheek.

The memory came rushing back….we were very good friends and used to walk to school and back home daily, until that fateful day when I got a letter from him through an older friend of his.

Kunle gave a detailed description of how much he liked me, and had not been able to concentrate on quite a lot of things because he had not expressed his feelings. He asked if I’d be his girlfriend.

I read the letter over and over again, then confided in the older friend who said to me; “it’s not compulsory to say Yes”.

I remember that I wanted to say yes, but I said ‘no’, owing to the fact that, I wasn’t sure Kunle really wanted me, and I had always heard people say “a man would always chase what he wanted even after a rejection”.

How wrong I was?

Kunle got my response and never said a word after then. I never gave ‘us’ a chance and He never gave ‘us’ a chase.

The following morning we were both quiet as mice as we journeyed to school; after some days, Kunle stopped waiting for me, thus, I lost a friend and my supposed first love!

I was jolted back to the present, when he asked what drink I cared for, we had stumbled on ourselves at a friend’s wedding a couple of months back, and so had fixed this hang-out of today.
We are both married and doing well in our chosen fields.

Though happily married to one of the most caring men I’ve ever known, the honest truth is I’ve not been able to get Kunle off my mind since we met.

What is he thinking?
Does he still like me?
What would it have been like, if I had dated him?
Would I be married to him today?

Will these feelings last, or it will soon go away?

These and many other questions made me to realise that I am crushing on someone who might not be feeling the same.

Having a Crush is simply nursing a strong desire to be with an individual you feel attracted to, many of which we find difficult to disclose to our object of crush.

Please feel free to share your ‘ Thots’ and your experience about Crushes here.

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