Abomination: 5-year old girl gang raped

Wooden stick inserted into her genitals

Many bad reports have surfaced into the cyberspace in the recent times, many are unheard of while some are sounding like a normal occurence due to their frequency. But this one is not only preposterous, but should be used as a deterrent to stop many from toeing such an evil path.

In a shocking incident, a 5-year-old girl was allegedly raped and brutally murdered on Friday at Hisar’s Uklana village in Haryana, India. A wooden stick was also inserted into her private parts, reports ANI.

“FIR has been registered, SIT has been formed for a thorough investigation in the case, no persons have been arrested yet,” said Jitender Kumar, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Hisar.

According to reports, the girl was abducted from her house at night and brutally raped. She was left to die with a wooden stick inserted into her genitals.

The post-mortem confirms rape and torture, further telling that 16cm of the stick was found inside her- that damaged her uterus and intestines, reports India Today.

The villagers have shut down all the shops and blocked major roads.

Investigating officers have not ruled out gang rape. Forensic experts have also been roped in to carry out further investigations.

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